About Me


Hi, I’m Caitlin! Here’s a few things you need to know about me.

I’m a born again Christian and so thankful for God’s grace in my life and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross because without Him, I am nothing.

I’m married to an amazing lumberjack, mountain man, redneck hunk and I love him.


We live in Austin, TX but I’m a Georgia girl at heart.

My best friend is a 20 lb. West Highland White Terrier named Willie.


Coffee, chocolate, peaches, pizza, and popcorn are my favorite foods. Whenever I get the night to myself, I make myself a veggie pizza, grab a glass of wine, and binge watch Netflix.

I love I Love Lucy because I really just want to be a 1950’s housewife. I feel like I was born in the wrong time period.

October – December is the best time of the year. I start planning my Thanksgiving dinner months in advance.


I lost 60 pounds (thanks to Weight Watchers) by eating real food. On my blog you’ll find a mix of healthy recipes and unhealthy ones. I believe that life is all about balance and that carbs aren’t bad for you.


I originally started this blog to share some of my favorite recipes. But over time I’ve discovered that I’m passionate about a lot more than food! This blog has evolved into a platform for me to write about more than just recipes — politics, homemaking, gardening, miscarriage, pregnancy, and (soon) my life as a first time mom.


I hope you can find something you connect with here. As I share my story with you, I’d love to hear yours!